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San Francisco Bubble Huts by Amy Kaiserman

San Francisco Business in a Bubble Program created by Amy Kaiserman, Founder of Bubble Huts & Bubble Cottages!

San Francisco Bubble Huts - Bubble Cottages in San Francisco

I first caught wind of bubble tents in December of 2013. At that time, as I was going through a divorce after 20 years of marriage. Not sure what I was going to do, I started working with a gentleman who had years of manufacturing experience. He offered to help me produce a product I designed under the condition that I was willing to do what is required to build it as a business. This man, Dean, is my husband.

Despite knowing that I was way over my head, inexperienced in business and had no money, I took a huge jump in faith! Within the first year I landed my first project for an event in NYC that MTV was hosting.

As entrepreneurs, one of the hardest things we have to do is spend countless days, hours and years working by ourselves while making a ton of personal sacrifices in order for us to make it to the other side. I learned perseverance, how to stand on my own two feet, and how to better control my thoughts and emotions from skeptics closest to me!

2016 is when our company quietly began its journey with Airbnb to now offer a & ;Bubble Business in a Box. Then Spring of 2020, I purposed my bubble huts material to design a temporary isolation door shield; to help my nineteen-year-old daughter continue isolation and recovery care at home after being in the ICU for a week with COVID-19.

As the founder and owner of Bubble Huts, I am actively involved in every aspect with our clients from consulting to design to fulfillment and pay top dollar in both materials and labor ensuring the highest quality!

I'm so proud that our company is the first and only luxury bubble tent manufacturer in our United States, in Glendale, Arizona, where we also design and manufacture Giant Snow Globes for corporate events!

Amy Kaiserman, founder of Bubble Huts LLC, is a true pioneer within the U.S. glamping industry since 2014 with her Bubble Huts; product line. She is a leader in the Glamping and Experiential Outdoor Hospitality Industry spreading public awareness on what glamping is.

From Glamping Bubble Huts to Safe Social Bubbles

Spring of 2020, Amy pivoted from her inflatable luxury tent to purposing her bubble hut material to design a temporary isolation door shield to help her nineteen-year-old daughter continue isolation and recovery care at home after being in the ICU for a week with COVID-19.

Through this experience she realized how ill-equipped families were to effectively isolate and care for their sick family member while keeping themselves and the rest of the family members, including pets, safe.

Our bubble huts team devised a simple, effective and a low-cost isolation door shield which helps protect any household while implementing the CDC guidelines for home isolation and quarantine.

The Temporary Isolation Door Shield is a safety operations tool for hotels, cruise ships, college campuses, and military bases, which aids organization in staying open.

Through Amy's heart to safely bring together individuals with seniors they love, she specifically designed the visiting bubble pod for a U.S. Senior Care Facility. A bubble tent with a all-clear dividing wall sewn into the single bubble room and two separate entryway tunnels for them to enter and exit through. The perfectly safe social bubble!

2016 is when Bubble Huts quietly began its journey with Airbnb after a client purchased a single room bubble hut to rent out to Airbnb guests. Keeping her setup lean, after setting up her bubble tent on the ground, within no time became an AirBnB Superhost while creating a new revenue stream. In 2020, almost twice as many guests searched for tents on Airbnb during August compared to August 2019, growing this trend.

The greatest challenge? Unfortunately, overseas manufacturers have taken Amy's photos to sell their lower quality tents for cheap. Tricking consumers into believing they can buy a high-quality, beautiful bubble tent for next to nothing. The consumer receive products that aren't safe, are of low standard and not commercial grade, and don't match the photos of what they were led to believe they were purchasing. This has sadly created misconceptions in the market value of bubble tents.

The Wall Street Journal featured Amy's Bubble Huts brand along with other leading glamping tent manufacturers, and in 2020 she partnered with another leading glamping tent manufacturer to continue expanding while providing clients with premium-quality, luxury canvas tents. Each Bubble Huts product is autographed by Amy and numbered.

Putting the infrastructure in place to launch Amy's Bubble Cottages Micro Site “Business in a Bubble” Program. This will provide aspiring hospitality inspired clients with a turnkey business to set up resorts, popup hotels or glamping destinations. Provide clients with personalized consulting, a version of Amy';s Bubble Huts product, business training, and ongoing support.

The Bubble Cottages Micro Site 'Business in a Bubble' Program

This turnkey business model is for landowners and entrepreneurs who want to begin their own profitable nightly rental business, using Made in America Bubble Huts branded luxury tents as their guest accommodation.

Our affordable entry point has a proven ROI and provides ongoing host support through our lifetime membership within our community of hosts.;

  • BUSINESS IN A BUBBLE KIT: Different comprehensive micro-site kits are available to match your budget, site location and venture time commitment.
  • LISTING: A Bubble Cottages Micro Site business location listing will be co-created with you added to the Bubble Cottages booking platform.
  • MARKETING: Marketing, advertising, guest attraction assistance & support.

How it Works so you can GET STARTED!

  • Join the Bubble Cottages Micro Site 'Business in a Bubble' Program.
  • For authenticity your Bubble Cottage is autographed and numbered by its designer Amy Kaiserman.
  • Receive Turnkey Business in a Bubble kit for your Bubble Cottages Micro-Site Business
  • Trained and Certified, frame & hang Certification and place Authenticity Seal on marketing materials.
  • Start to Host nightly guests at your Bubble Cottage
  • Guest book& their stay experience to share.
  • Get paid and REPEAT!




"I have hired many large, scaled inflatable companies from around the world and the team from Bubble Huts LLC made the impossible, possible with one of the hardest briefs that have been thrown my way. This team rose to the challenge going above my expectations with their attention to detail, patience and customer service, leaves all other inflatable companies for dead. I would recommend Bubble Huts to anyone!"


March Barold of StrangewaysStar Wars Episode II Circle De Soleil & Sydney Olympic Opening

"We are pleased with the service of Bubble Huts provides and we sincerely appreciate their responsiveness, the team are exceptionally helpful. They were easy and pleasant to deal with and provide tents with high quality product, and we look forward to doing business with them again." 


Sed BaronAdministration Abu Dhabi

"What I most appreciate about Amy is her resilience, ingenuity as a problem solver, enthusiasm, and commitment to help others achieve their enterprising hospitality dreams. Her premium inflatable luxury Bubble Huts, gives aspiring hospitality clients a distinctive offering advantage in the marketplace by providing an indoor-outdoor lodging experience with a starlight view of the night sky! I’m now exploring this for one of my projects. What impressed me about Amy as an individual and peer inventor, is that she demonstrates being one of ‘the mother of inventions’, and out of the depth from her heart. I’m honored to have Amy as a client of mine through the Enterprising Women’s Project and Wellness by Choice to help facilitate greater awareness through how she’s changing lives and business through her Bubble Huts, and then some!"


Angelina MusikOwner of Wellness by Choice,



Did you know the similarities and difference between camping and glamping?
Both involve sleeping outdoors, however there can be a large difference between them. Instead of sleeping in a sleeping bag or on a cot, with glamping you will sleep in a cozy queen-size or king-size bed and have the comforts of a well-suited guest room. It can be completely climate-controlled and have bathrooms with hot running water and flushing toilets.

Did you know that “glamping” is one of the fastest growing markets in the US?
During 2019, my Bubble Huts team and I began to recognize a shift towards “glamping” in the US over camping. This year the market has been valued at 2.74 billion and is projected to reach 7.11 billion by 2031.

Did you know that the start up cost for a glamping site can be far less than other real estate business investments?
The average cost per hotel room to be built is approximately $150,000.00, while the average cost per glamping tent site is approximately $25,000.00. The low startup cost creates the opportunity to recoup the investment quickly.

Did you know that “Bubble Huts” demand higher nightly rates over other glamping structures?
On average “Bubble Huts” earn hosts between $279.00 and $800.00 a night and are most are booked out months in advance.






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